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Jonathan Leschinski

23 May 2017


Jonathan Leschinski was the first Australian student selected to attend UWC Costa Rica from 2007-09.

Today, Jono works with local families and farmers towards a sustainable and fair suburban food future in his home town of Edithvale, Melbourne. Always starting from the ground up, Jono is committed to creating viable community businesses that are regenerative and impactful.

Much of the work Jono undertakes all started with the lessons and values learned at UWC Costa Rica— both in and out of the classrooms.

Having volunteered for many years for UWC Australia since graduation, Jono has contributed to UWC in promotions, selections, and most recently fundraising.

Co-owner at Edithvale Community Greengrocer (@EDIGROCER)
Board Member of SUSTAIN: The Australia Food Network Think & Do Tank
BA Media & Communications, RMIT University & CLA Santiago de Cuba

Outside of running a business, and volunteering in community groups, Jono enjoys spending quality time at home with his family.

One of the ideas from UWC that still sticks with Jono was simply to “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can”.