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Available Places

These scholarships and places are for a two-year, pre-University period of overseas study from August/September 2021 (January 2022 for Waterford Kamhlaba) at one of the UWCs.

The decision of who to send to each college is based on a number of factors – an applicant’s interests, their personality, maturity and how they would complement the other selected students for that college.

UWC Australia attempts to match successful candidates to a college that suits them, and some UWCs also have certain characteristics that they look for in students, which helps ensure the student can thrive in that environment. 

We encourage all of our applicants to be open to the idea of studying at any college. However, applicants will get the opportunity to speak individually with the selections team about their interests, motivation and preferences. UWC Australia ultimately decides the assignment of places after careful consideration of the candidate’s profile.

Examples of the 2019 opportunities are provided below. 2021 opportunities will be provided once confirmed.

Please note that all these scholarships and/or places are subject to final confirmation with the relevant schools and colleges.

UWC School Country
UWC Atlantic College
United Kingdom
Pearson College UWC
Waterford Kamhlaba


UWC Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Mahindra College UWC
UWC Costa Rica
Costa Rica
UWC Dilijan
Li Po Chun UWC
Hong Kong
UWC Thailand