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Fees and Scholarships

UWC Australia encourages all applicants interested in the UWC movement to apply, regardless of their financial circumstances. Need-based scholarships are awarded to successful candidates.

We assess students for places at UWC on the basis of merit and their assessed potential to thrive at a UWC, not on their capacity to pay.

During the selection process, we assess each family’s financial need and award financial support where possible. The funds available for this support are provided by the colleges and the generosity of donors – foundations, private individuals and alumni – and vary from year to year.  

Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated financial need and the financial assessment does not affect the merit-based ranking of the candidates. The amount of funding support available will always be specified at the same time as a place is offered.

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School/College Entry 2023 two-year cost excl. scholarship
UWC Adriatic


UWC Atlantic College


UWC Changshu China

RMB 745,600

UWC Costa Rica

USD 81,000

Li Po Chun UWC

HKD 734,000

UWC Mahindra College

USD 68,000

UWC Maastricht


UWC Mostar


Pearson College UWC

CAD 137,300

UWC Robert Bosch College


UWC Dilijan

USD 80,000

Red Cross Nordic UWC

NOK 674,000

United World College of South East Asia

SGD 155,780 


USD $88,800

Waterford Kamhlaba UWC




UWC Thailand

THB 3,255,000 

UWC East Africa

USD 61,000