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Applications for 2021-2023 intake open in October 2020 and close on 5th February, 2021.

Please contact our Selections Coordinator if you have difficulties with the online application system.

Written Application

The preliminary stage when applying for a UWC scholarship is a written application. This application provides the selection committees with a brief overview of the student, their current interests and activities, and requires the candidate to write two essays on why they should be awarded a place and/or scholarship to a UWC.

  1. Create an account (or sign in if you have an existing account) via the "Apply Now" link on the left.
  2. Enter your contact information and click "Register".
  3. Confirm your registration via the email link.
  4. Under the heading "Your Tasks" you will see an item, "Applicant Information". Click on the "Start" button.
  5. Provide your personal details and the system will check your eligibility to apply. Once complete, click "Save & Exit".
  6. Under the heading "Your Applications", click on the button, "View Applications".
  7. If eligible, you will see an item, "UWC Australia". Click the "Apply Now" button to start your submission.
  8. Once all the components of the application are complete, click on the "Submit Application" button.


Interviews will take place in capital cities on either Sunday 14th February or Sunday 21st February.

Applicants must make sure they keep both of these dates available in order to attend an interview. You will be notified which day is Interview Day as soon as possible. Other arrangements may be possible for applicants from remote areas.

Applicants must bring a parent or guardian with them on Interview Day.

Financial Assessment

Applicants who are offered an interview will be asked to consider a blind pledge amount which realistically indicates how much the family is able to contribute to the cost of their UWC education and living expenses. 

Following interview, the successful applicants will then be asked complete extensive and detailed financial assessment forms to allow the UWC International Office to make a needs based assessment.

Financial information does not affect the merit-based ranking of candidates.

National selection

Following the final shortlist from each State and Territory via the State selection committees, the candidates are ranked nationally, and a formal offer process begins between the national committee and the candidates.

School and College notification

Once a candidate and family have completed a formal acceptance the position offered by UWC Australia, the candidate is nominated to the relevant college. Nominations to colleges are required by early April. The college will then notify the candidate of their acceptance. This may take some weeks to process.